July 13, 2012

Movies Movies Movies!

Have a look at some of the flicks I'm really excited for:

The Great Gatsby - This film looks fantastic, filled with style, pure indulgence, and so much more! Plus Leo, oh he's one of my favourites. I also love the song on this trailer. Smiles!

The Bourne Legacy - I admit that when I first saw the poster, I was a bit upset that Matt Damon wasn't in this film. After seeing the trailer though? WHOA! This is gonna be soooo good! I love action movies, a little too much sometimes. This is one of those times.

Total Recall - Action movie. Enough said.

The Hobbit - Q and I are in the middle of our Lord of the Rings (extended editions) marathon. I/We are so pumped for The Hobbit this year! Oh man, it's going to be great. I think that Martin Freeman is going to be a great Bilbo.

The Raven - I've loved Edgar Allan Poe for a long time. "The Raven" is one of my absolute favourites. Really looking forward to this one.

The Dark Knight Rises - And of course, my #1: the Batman. I have been waiting since December for this. I have watched the trailers numerous times and just get more and more excited every time. Q and I have purchased our tickets already for opening night for the new VIP Cineplex. We be seein' dat sheet in style! Tom Hardy as Bane?! Catwoman?! BANE!? Aaaaahh! too excited..... 

Well now that you know that I'm a movie goer, and that I'm basically 14 years old when it comes to action movies (read: most all movies), I hope that these trailers get you excited to see my selection in theatres.

Which movies are you looking forward to?


July 9, 2012

05.12.12 Fourth Act

Our reception was held at The Pines Restaurant and we couldn't have asked for anything better. That is a BEAUTIFUL restaurant with delicious food, tasty drinks, and wonderful, friendly staff. I highly recommend going here for an event or even breakfast by lake (it's amazing, trust me). We had such a great time and rumour has it that all guests in attendance were blown away by how laid back our wedding was. Everyone was happy and had a super fun time. We certainly got what we were aiming for. Laid back was the whole feel of the day, from getting ready in the morning all the way to last call, speeches were short and filled with more heart than any speech I've ever heard (Thank you sooooo much to Mr. & Mrs. Babe, Mother, and new Dad!).

We had a great MC, Matty Bobatty, who kept our laid back feel going strong. We had some great tributes done by the beautiful and talented Jooree (we heart you!) and Q put together a little slideshow of the two of us, which included a mildly embarrassing photo of myself posing like a muscle beach wannabe. It was awesome! Our dinner was delicious: spinach and sun dried tomato salad with goat cheese and a poppyseed vinaigrette, brie stuffed chicken with veggies and rice, and a heavenly New York cheesecake with berries. Mmmmm good!

Our decor was clean and minimal as we wanted the beauty of the restaurant to stand out (which it did). Our entrance table housed our guest book: a calendar for our guests to sign on their birthday and also to mark other important dates for us to remember; our seating chart: a multi-photo frame with each numbered table displayed over a watermark of some beautiful fabric we scanned; as well as some of our engagement photos, candles and flowers. We decided to do a donation to the SPCA as our wedding favours instead of a little knick knack trinket or something of the like, we wanted to support that organization. We love animals. Like.....a lot.   :)

Q and I sat at a sweetheart table in lieu of a long head table (the table wasn't big enough for us AND the wedding party, hahaha!). I really enjoyed that, Q and I had a chance to sit together and talk, watch everyone enjoy the company surrounding them, a bit of we time amidst the chaos. Our wedding wine glasses were a surprise find at Anthropologie by Seestor, and that little polar bear there, that's our cake topper (purchased locally in Jasper). It wouldn't sit on the cake as you can see (below) by the mound of blackberries on top of it!

Our guests dining tables had cluster centrepieces. A mixture of mason jars and skinny vases, warm little candles nestled in-between them all, topped off with our table numbers: simple wooden frames (Michaels) that we burned the edges and the numeral into, holding a particular animal track. That was the fun part: the animal track kissing game! We aren't major fans of the glass clinking, so we decided that each table had a track and each guest had to work as a team to figure it out. Once they felt they had the correct animal, that's when they clinked their glasses (we still had that for the traditionalists) and one person stood up and announced their answer. I held the key and if they were correct, Q and I would smooch. 5 out of 7 tables answered correctly. Huzzah!

Q gave himself a challenge for our music and projector system. We didn't have a DJ or anything like that, we only had the iPad and the necessary equipment to show a slideshow presentation (read: projector and screen). Q ran everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, through the iPad: music (with playlists for each portion of the night on the DJ app), the tribute from Jooree, and his slideshow. Interested in doing something similar? Shoot me an email and Q will tell it like it is with that tech stuff. We provided all of our own gear, save for the projector (borrowed from work) and screen (provided by The Pines). It was a lot to pack into the car but well worth it!

Our wedding cake was absolutely delicious: baked cheesecake with blackberries on top. AMAZING! You see that cute couple in the middle down there? That's Bashmore and her man S.Eng, they were the "lucky" ones to catch the garter and bouquet. I say "lucky" because they are hardcore, they did not mess around, they were getting those things and they didn't care who was in their way. They won!

To sum it up, our day was superb, perfect and absolutely stunning. It was like a dream that I never wanted to wake from. Q, I love you with all my heart, with every ounce of my 5'4" frame, you are my light and my true love, and we had a f***ing wicked wedding day!

 *SIDE NOTE! Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to the Babes! We share the same wedding date, and to have their marriage recognized as well, we had everyone clink for kisses throughout dinner for them. Coincidently enough their wedding song popped up during the dance time. How's that for romance? :)

Best. Day. Ever.


July 7, 2012

05.12.12 Third Act

So we had a slightly larger than average wedding party and it was great! Yellow and green were our colours and we decided yellow for our ladies would be nice. Q wore an Irish kilt and he looked amazing! All the guys looked fantastic! Q opted for his guys to wear a black watch tartan while he wore saffron. As for the gals, I told them to choose a dress they liked enough to want to wear again in the future. So each of my gals had varying shades of yellow that flattered their figures and personalities, etc.. Everyone looked so amazing! My dress was Alfred Sung for anyone out there who is interested. My favourite part of the dress was the bottom, all the ruffles and layers was so fun to walk with!

I mentioned before that the bridesmaids carried "bouquets", lanterns that I added ribbon and felt leaf details to. I also crafted up the glass to give it an etched look so the LED tea lights would really glow. I love them, they turned out better than I had imagined. Another favourite piece of mine was my necklace. I wear it nearly everyday now, it's beautiful and perfect for our mountain wildlife theme wedding. It wasn't an obvious theme, but you'll see more about that soon. My necklace was silver and crystal elk head and my gals all wore matching gold and crystal elk necklaces. Lovely!

July 2, 2012

05.12.12 Second Act

Our fathers were the leaders of our wedding party and our mothers (and my grandfather) gave us away. Different from other weddings, but it was absolutely wonderful and meant so much to us to have our fathers lead the charge and our mothers (and Gpa) at our sides. We had a large wedding party. You'll see our guys and gals in the upcoming batch of photos. We had the perfect day. I kid you not: Beautiful location and we got extremely lucky with the weather (phew!), with so many family members and friends who came from near and far to be with us to celebrate. It was glorious! As funeral directors, Q and I are good at keeping our cool and are prepared for at least one thing to go awry. NOT A THING WENT WRONG. I can't tell you what a great sense of relief and surprise we felt, hahaha! Our ceremony was short, sweet, with our hearts exposed to everyone and the mountains. I had reached a whole new level of peace.

The first photo in this group is one of my favourites. 

Pyramid Lake 05.12.12 First Act

Let the assault of wedding photos begin! I apologize in advance for the number of photos you'll see, but there's just so much I want to share. First I'm going to show you our morning and right before the ceremony. I loved that my grandmother wore a pendant with a photo of me when I was little. That made me weepy. She's so great. :)

I LOVED OUR FLOWERS! My bouquet and Q's boutonniere were incredible! The bridesmaids "bouquets" turned out really great too. The ladies carried lanterns. I found these really elegant and streamlined lanterns that I added some ribbon and felt details to. Out of a long list of DIY projects for our wedding, the lanterns were the first items completed (well in advance too). I love them. Those coming up soon for your viewing pleasure. Stay tuned all! There's lots more to come!