April 19, 2011

We Walked 4 Blocks In The Snow & Ended Up At The Beach

How great would that be?! A little while ago, me love and I went to our friends house for dinner and I finally got a chance to photograph her bathroom. Kind of odd I know. I hope that it wasn't too strange a request when I brought it up. She seemed interested and excited to be honoured on such a glamorous and well-known blog. ;)

Let me set the scene for you about this bathroom: beautiful shades of blue ranging from a pale gentle breeze to deep sea current. A crisp, white tulip-shaped pedestal sink and a skylight (I know right?!) make this bathroom a serene spa getaway in the middle of an Edmonton winter. Beach photos and sea creature ceramics adorn the walls and counter tops. When the fresh white door shuts, any noise from the rest of the house disappears.

Sounds like a pretty intense description for a bathroom, but I kid you not, it's a fantastic bathroom.

The wait is over! Check it:

Rumor has it, the shower "pod" is amazing for bubble baths.
Complete with squeegee.

Skylights make all the difference in the ambiance of the room.

The vanity. Perfect and spacious.

A touch of the beach in the frosty north.

An adorable and graceful animal.

Lime green baby mums and a dash of whisper pink wax flowers pop out from the blue.

 Aimee, merci beaucoup ma belle......je t'aime! Hope you liked it. And everyone too!

Breathe in the fresh sea air!

April 7, 2011

And Now.....A Post!

Well hello comrades! It's been a lil while I know, I hope your interest hasn't swayed or strayed too much! Anyways, for those who are of the slightly crafty nature, I did a minor project and am rather proud of it. I don't do too many but when I do they are magnificent (much like my wreath to end all wreaths)! I gave my vision life and here it is! The grand unveiling of an "original" idea! My jewelry organizer (plus a new lil bunch o' darling):

The lighting in the study isn't the greatest and I'm not even remotely well-read enough about my digicam, however this needed to be shared. I would like to thank Martha Stewart for this wondrous idea and you will too when you do it. Here's how: a la Martha Stewart. The one I made is different of course and took a bit of strategic kneeling and sly acquiring of resources (well, just one, the cotton batting). If you want to know more about mine, leave a comment or something of the like. :)

As for my bunch o' darling, it's the perfect lil pendant! It got me excited for the coming season. I am very much looking forward to warm summer days and gentle breezes, days when I can sit outside on the porch or in the park and enjoy some almost frozen grapes, green or concord. Delightful and refreshing. From what I hear, Lethbridge is wonderful in the spring and summer. I pray that there be no more blizzards once I relocate. My new home is newish and lovely. A townhouse with a glorious amount of space complete with the highest ceilings and windows to match. Natural light will be the conductor of smiles and healthy plants in that house (and perhaps some nicer photos from me!). I promise to share a photo or two of our new home once we haul and settle in.

Anyways, I'm signing off to go enjoy some popcorn, a cherry Dr. Pepper (many thanks to a hip kat, codename: Chips), and help out my love with some portraits he's been working on. I hope this post has recaptured your eyes and mind, but always remember your lungs and.....