June 30, 2012

We're Moving!

In T-minus 5 days, or slightly less than that if you're going by hours.....

So we're moving to our own house. Our first house together that we will own. No more renting for us! No more lame and overly rigid landlords. Ha ha suckers! You don't get our money anymore! It goes to other people now..... dang, oh well, we get a house!

Today we have sorted a lot of things that were in storage and we are beginning to pack some items from our little living room. We are so close to having moving down to a science it's ridiculous. In saying that, we have our evenings for this week planned as to what rooms and items are to be packed. When's the big move, you ask? Thursday. And it's coming up quick.

I'm super pumped to put things away in their new spots at the house. I know a lot of people who say that that is their favourite part of moving, the unpacking. I've gotten so far ahead of myself (and Q) and sketched out the "blueprint" of the house (poorly, very poorly sketched out) and drew in where furniture would go and what each room would be designated for. And I've started brainstorming colour schemes and themes for each room, how to repurpose some of the furniture we have, and what food we should have for our house warming party the following weekend. I know, I know, that's a bit much considering we haven't even moved in yet. I'm really excited to finally have a house of my (our) own to decorate and host parties in. Or I'm just sliiiiiiightly nuts.

It's the former, trust me.

This is our house: main level on the left, basement on the right. Don't judge me by my crappy drawing skills.

Coming up next on Breathe:

- Our Wedding post: Finally! We have all the photos. It's what you've been waiting all year for.
- Brainstorms For The House post: colours and themes, repurpose projects, craft and art projects, etc.
- Puppy post: Did I forget to mention that we're getting a dog too? He's beautiful and adorable, plus he's the size of a horse.....kinda. I'm ultra excited for this, I've never had a dog before! I've had fish, and I have cats, and I guess I'm a step-pet-parent to Q's dog Loki, but now I will have my own dog. His name is King. You'll see why.

Loki is super adorable too, as you can see. Photo from my post "One Love, Two Love....."

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon for these exciting upcoming posts!


June 16, 2012

Huge Group Of Girls

Bahaha! So funny. I would be "Bradley, the sleepy one!"

Fun Filled Friday the Fifteenth

Yesterday was a day focused on friends, two friends in particular: Jooree and MikMik.

My Friday started very early in the morning. Woke up and drove to Ponoka with MikMik and her momma for a horse show. I believe it's called the Alberta Classic Horse Show. I don't know, I assume that's the name because that's what the prize ribbons say. Anyways.....I'm very lucky to have two very close friends that are equestrian riders. Different styles, very different styles, but I finally got the opportunity to see MikMik ride. Friday was day one of the three day weekend show. She rode once and got first in her class. First! It was amazing! It was really interesting for me to see the differences between MikMik's riding and Britt Britt's riding. Very cool indeed.

Here's a little peek-a-boo into the Ponoka show:

I absolutely love her suit. Beautiful!
On our way to the arena.
First place goes to Tamale Wally. Great job Wally and MikMik!

Then into Friday evening, we had a little soiree for Jooree. She is going to Slovenia for 6 months to film a documentary and visit with her family. We went to Jekyll & Hyde pub and what a great turnout! Lots and lots and lots of friends came out to say "See ya soon" to Jooree. We gifted her with an iPod Touch filled with music from everyone. That's like 3000 songs! She's got lots to listen to. I put some songs on there that are amazing and that I love and I hope that Jooree comes to love them too.

Jooree, it was a wonderful night, I'm gonna miss you but time will fly and we will be welcoming you off the plane soon enough. Your research is going to bring a lot of issues and events to light. Your film is going to be great and will spread a message to many minds. You're a beautiful person with a real talent and a gift, a big heart and the best sparkle wardrobe.   :)    We love you Jooree!

Early in the evening and lots of good people.

These beautiful bests pull a serious face.

My love and Jooree, best friends for life

Thanks for the great tunes Headwind! Especially for playing the song for Jooree. 

I hope you all have a great weekend with your friends, I know I will. Double date with Sean and Britt Britt. Dinner and a movie. It's going to be a goooooood night. 

Have a great weekend filled with smiles everyone!