February 13, 2012

3 Months To Go!

Oh boy it's coming up quick and it's getting to the time crunch. 3 months (yesterday) until I marry my best friend, super hunk, and love of my life: Q. I'm so excited!!!

I'm tres lucky.


Glitter Heart Garland

I adore my new holiday decorating item! Sparkling hearts on white coils spring out from a collection of great ribbon (I love ribbon.....a little too much). There was no hesitation when I saw this beauty, I had to have it!

Be My Valentine

Hello and good morning friends!

I love holiday candies. It's something about the shapes and colours and the wrappers that make regular ol' chocolate put a big smile on my face. So I wanted to share what I put together for those special someones for this Love Day 2012. Some sweet and tasty treats for those that have a warm space in my heart.

These are my favourite so far: Raspberry Heart Gummies


Heart shaped charger plates house my little nifty gifties.
Smooch embellished cellophane baggies sealed with pretty purple ribbons. 

All the extras in a heart bowl.

My favourite 'new' item: Typewriter Stamps. I used them at Christmas on
the gifts I gave and I'm pretty sure I will use them until they are worn right out.

Cheers to you and your Valentine! Have a a beautiful day everyone!


February 2, 2012

You Won't Regret This

The past few posts have been focused on music. Don't worry, I have had some wonderful and chic outfits, but I haven't been too concerned about photos. Some will come soon, just chill.   :)

This post is about music, again. Are you a rock 'n' roll girl or boy? You like real rock 'n' roll? Not the pansy pop rock that seems to be flooding the radiowaves? If you dig the real deal, this one's for you.

This is a fresh band straight out of Edmonton chock full of talent and passion, hard hits and addicting rhythms. The wait is over! I present to yoooooouuuuu.........Unborn American.

Totally kickin name hey? Check 'em out on ReverbNation and Facebook.

You won't regret it.