March 30, 2012

Jasper, Pre-Wedding Style

This wall is inside a store filled with beautiful pieces of art and jewelry, etc.
Only after I took the photo did I notice the "NO PHOTOS" sign.
And I noticed it on my camera, not when I was in the store. Observant, very observant.

Our hotel was filled with these.
All sorts of animals, it was amazing.
Handsome devil and my strange self.

We saw a HUGE herd of Big Horn Sheep on the way out of the Park. IT WAS AMAZING! I usually don't have much luck in the realms of wildlife sightings, but this little trip had a different stroke of luck. Obviously, but we also saw some Caribou, Coyotes, Mule Deer, some other deer, and the Big Horns! I was so happy I almost cried. I love animals.

March 29, 2012

Wink Wink Nudge Nudge

Although Q and I don't have a wedding registry anywhere for anything, there are a few things I would like to own someday (soon). Here's a little peek (hint hint) into what our future kitchen would house: dreamware!

I adore the chameleon plate and the bee plate. The beast's feast bowl is beautiful.
I have always wanted a clawfoot tub. The bowl is the closest I will get for a long time.

I have been 200% smitten with the hobnail pitcher. The blue is delightful and bright with enchantment.
It's gorgeous in it's other hue: purple. I would happily shelve both of them in our cupboards. ;)

All items available at your local Anthropologie stores and online at

My favourite store and zen shopping retreat. I would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't experienced the calm of this artistic environment. And right in the middle of an urban shopping centre! Favourites collide!


March 24, 2012

A Personal Challenge

I take pictures, a lot of pictures. I like to share those pictures and it can be a bit of an overload sometimes, for me and you. So my personal challenge is this: share the photos of particular event in 5 or less (some exceptions will apply; example - the wedding).

So let's start with a Sunday trip to the Royal Alberta Museum. We went to check out the moth exhibit, Winged Tapestries: Moths At Large. Unfortunately no photography was allowed in that exhibit, but you can check out the artist, Jim des Rivieres, and his work on his website Honestly, some of the most enchanting and detailed images I have ever seen. The exhibit is on until September 3, 2012. Lots of time for you to go for a few visits. Also, Q and I are holders of the prestigious Mammoth Pass. It's a pretty awesome thing to have, you should get one. Here's a little look at our venture:

I'm quite excited for my next drive over there, spend an afternoon taking in everything. There are more exhibits coming that I'm certainly going to see.

Happy Weekend!


A Look Into My Love's Birthday Bash

Isn't my Seestor talented?! Holy smokes! This is an amazing shot!

She's great. The subject of the photo is pretty great too.


March 15, 2012

I Fink U Freeky

Q introduced me to these fantastic South African rappas. I swore to Q that I will learn this song and rap along. Wish me luck!

March 11, 2012

The Mac Clock Says It's Late, The Body Clock Disagrees

12:23 am start:

Now I'm pretty sure that you have all seen a certain handsome devil 'round these parts of Breathe, well guess what folks.....that's's his birthday!

I'm not terribly articulate or very eloquent but this is the man who holds the key to my heart. He is incredible. Intelligent and handsome, he has a soft spot for animals and pickled onions. He has a smile that stops traffic and a physique that doesn't quit. A warm heart and strong sense of self. He cares deeper for those close to him than anyone I know. He is the most talented and a very skilled artist in many forms. He puts up with my dorkery and lame dancing; on occasion he will join in! Stylish and super fun; a man who prefers vinegar to anything sweet (except for Deep 'n' Delicious cakes!), Halloween over Christmas, and has an affinity for insects and plants like no other.

Figaro, not Floyd (old neighbourhood cat).
He is the one that I turn to, trust, and love more and more each day. My bestest best friend. The man that I have the most fun with and who gives my favourite hugs and the best kisses.

Handsome devil.

To you on your birthday: I love you more than I could ever say and I will keep telling you everyday of our lives. In two months it will be our day, the biggest day for us in our journey so far. I am so excited! Thank you for being the calm and reasonable one through the wedding stuff and keeping me grounded.

You are my rock and my home. I love you more than my outstretched arms can reach.

Yours always,