May 6, 2011

This Time.....

.....I've traveled further than four blocks. I've traveled over 500kM! Me love and I now reside in the warm and ever windy Lethbridge. More on that later because this is not the primary reason for this post. I've come to tell you something else, very similar to the recent sharing of my friend's bathroom. And wouldn't you believe it, shortly after that post, me love and I went to see a friend of ours. We had never been to their home before and what a wonderful visit we had! I fell head over heels in whimsy (or envy) for their house. I felt so inspired that I had to ask if I could photograph their abode. Still kind of an odd feeling but as Greg said: "Yes please! I'm a publicity whore!" This post is mostly photos, which isn't a bad thing, I'm not an exquisite writer, but first, a lil taste of the residents of this delicious little house: Carla & Greg. These two are the most relaxed and welcoming people; very cool and effortless. Tres earthy, they grow their own veggies, make their own accessories, and they're very involved in the community. I heart being around them. Plus they have their own schoolbus! How fun is that?!

Buckle up, because here we go:

This is Kitty. Very friendly and an unabashed sweetheart.
He likes to roam the yard and nap on the old burlap potato sacks.

Greg, I'm so glad that we are friends, new friends, but friends all the same.
Greg is also the man behind the *Rya-ton Leatherworks, check it out! Publicity!

The fire apple red barn in the backyard and the vintage
bronze garden tables give you a tiny taste of what's to come.

An old tree is given new life as it's laid out like lilypads showing the way to the
doorway of the homemade greenhouse. Inside, sprouts of leeks and tomatoes surround you.

I'm a big fan of the pots and pans rack.....

.....not to mention the fantastic floor!
Reminds me of a malt shoppe or an old diner.
Bet it reminds you of that too.

The exposed brick wall and Douglas Fir 2x4 structure (real 2x4s not the "2x4s" we get nowadays)
are something to be treasured in the era of McMansions and Lego-like houses.

Pay no heed to the oversized drain plug for the kitchen sink.
"I would imagine that thing has seen it's fair share of potato peels." ~ Greg

Old looking books. Old looking globe. Red TV!

I shall leave you now with the want to wear fluffy and warm slippers (even though it's spring-ish outside). No season is too hot for slippers! I have mine on. I hope you grab yours quick!

Enjoy the weather and lazy days. And the sun.....

.....Breathe it in.

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