March 22, 2011


We Went To The Mountains

And it was a blast. First time showshoeing and it was so much fun! Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera, so on our first day (which was sunny and warm, a stunning and gorgeous day by anyone's standards) I did not get any shots to share. But on the second day.....I had a full battery! And it was cloudy out for the better part of the morning. Either way I still got some beautiful shots. Here's a tiny taste of my favorites. Imagine the crisp mountain air. Breathe.

March 13, 2011

There's This Band.....

.....that I love. This band split over 5 years ago. This band is The Tea Party. Now the guys each do their own thing. So now there's this new band, that rocked my socks on Friday. This band is 777. Phenomenal show! It was a smaller venue, so the concert was very intimate. It felt so good to hear some of my favorites performed live as well as some new favorites off of the brand new album, 'The Ground Cries Out' (I recommend you pick up a copy for yourself, it'll change your life I swear. Aaaaand don't miss the site). Not only was I riding the wave from the show, I got to meet Jeff (for the second time!) and his new partners in crime. I couldn't have been happier, I felt rejuvenated by the show: the music, the energy, the few moments I had in person with them, being able to share the night with my love, and how the whole combination made me feel. Here's some photos that I was able to snap during the performance. Forgive me for the fuzzy photos but I think they're pretty bangin'. Enjoy!

March 8, 2011

.....Three love, four.....

One love, two love.....

(I know I'm reaching back a bit, it still fits the mold.)

Sooooo..... at Breathe headquarters, we've gone through a minor makeover. You like?! I like a lot. I finally have found some inspiration, albeit it'll be a bit of a slow and amateur start, I'll keep calm and carry on. :) I took my inspiration from an amazing photographer who happened to photograph my friend's wedding. That friend being Erinn: she's beautiful, fun and crafty. Her photographer is also fun and crafty, and I would imagine beautiful too (I've never met her, but I think that it's a fair assessment based on how she shows us the world through her eyes, her camera.....amazing photos!). Anyways, back on track! What I've looked at from pink sugar is to take a photo each day, at least one, post it, date it, and name it. Capture that moment and express the feeling you had in that moment in as few words as possible. Lets see how successful I am. Together! Breathe.