March 20, 2013

Light & Sweet Sponge Cake

This is a bit of a cheater recipe because I haven't found a good recipe for sponge cake, so I got lazy and bought little sponge cakes from the grocery store. What I did make was the whip cream and the lovely assembly was aaaall me. :)

Here's my own recipe for whip cream:

Bradley's Subtly Sweet Whip Cream

1 c.     whipping cream
1          packet of vanilla sugar (8g)

- with handheld electric mixer, beat whipping cream until soft peaks form.
- sprinkle in vanilla sugar and continue mixing until glossy stiff peaks form.
- spoon directly onto mini sponge cakes or use a piping bag
- add toppings and enjoy!

*I use a 1:1 for the whipping cream and sugar. I find that 1 cup of whipping cream fills 6 mini sponge cakes. Double or triple accordingly for your particular party needs.

Here I used strawberries, farm fresh peaches, and organic concord grapes,
topped with grated bittersweet chocolate.

This is my favourite though: blackberries, green grapes,
and chocolate chips. Yummy!