July 16, 2010

A Few (Try Many) Weekends Ago.....

.....in the prairies not so far away, there was a girl, her love, and their friends. These friends discovered a magical retreat that was seen by all but with a secret passage way that was known to only a few. The journey was short but not without hurdles: dodging the nosey senior citizens, trudging through the sticky mud and stinky waters, battling mosquitoes and spiders at every turn. But all worth it for the reward was this: an excellent time spent with wonderful people who can cook well and have a wondrous selection of teas. Fun had by all. The other reward: photos of waters so still it was a mirror. So enjoy the shots! Breathe.

May 11, 2010

True Joy

Picture this: I'm walking home from the local Shopper's Drug Mart with my over sized bag for the four items I had purchased. Suddenly, music fills the air. The air in which there is nothing more than the common and loud noise of traffic and the occasional drunken scrap between friends. This music is bubbly and fun, ironic for the weather. Then what doth mine eyes see: two homeless men, dancing together below the speakers of the car dealership, the origins of the tunes. For the first time in my 24 years on this Earth, I saw two men without a dime to their names, rejoicing in the moment of living. Sincere and spontaneous joy. You can find it anywhere. But it's best when you stumble across it so unexpectedly. I wanted to join in the fun, but didn't for fear of spoiling their moment. I wonder: how many people out there would feel the same? How many would actually join? And how many would just scoff at them purely because they are lower on the economic food chain? Interesting, non? What would you do? Think on it. Breathe.

April 11, 2010

And Now, A Quote For You

"Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me; the carriage held but just ourselves and immortality." - Emily Dickinson I love this quote, I have for a long time.....so let it stew and brew, chew on it for a bit, then go ahead and..... Breathe.

February 7, 2010

Missing The Bouts

Well folks, it's happened. I think I may have begun the slow ascension out of sloth. Huzzah! I went running with two Jenn's and a Steve this past week. I ran twice in one week! Twice! Plus I was fighting a valiant battle with a cold that had crippled me for what seemed like an age. I am now feeling better, just slight aches here and there from the excessive physical energy I've put out. For those who are unaware and are wondering why this news is so glorious I felt the need to report it to the world: I have not done much for exercise since the snow fell. Maybe even before that. I can't be sure, time is a strange creature: it's gone by so fast that certain memories I have I swear were from two years ago instead of one. Anyhow, I plan (and hope) to run at least twice a week, build up my endurance. There was a time where I fenced. No, not fenced like Joe Schlub of Suburbia, but fenced like in James Bond. According to some, I was pretty good for a beginner. I felt (and still feel) differently. Certain factors lead up to the end of my participation in the sport: illness, money, time, distance, etc., etc.. Some of those factors are still in play, but I'm going to do what I can to balance all that. It all hangs it what I discover on a field trip I've planned for myself to go on later this week. I need to find a new club to join because the one I was with has changed. One major change: the coach I had is no longer there. It's sad really. I wonder if he does private lessons, hmmm.....moving on..... I'm going to the main fencing club in town. From what I take from the website (which seems to have changed a little bit from what I remember since I last researched a club switch), it seems promising: "affordable", guaranteed quality coaching, decent facilities.....My field trip is to go to the club during the lesson time that I am interested in for my skill level and personal availability, and observe the coaches, the training, the workout regiment, perhaps purchase a body wire and find out a good place that will alter/tailor my equipment. I look forward to it, but I won't get my hopes up too much, I have to be realistic in these times for various personal reasons. Either way, I will do my dang darndest to work out more now that I've had a sip from that energy drink that I've let go for so long. I've been a jock the majority of my life, but in recent years I've become lazy and have a piss poor attention span. Being an ex-jock, it's easy enough to jump back in. I thought of rock/wall climbing and archery. Archery would be a lot of fun, however I'm leaning more towards the climbing. And even more than that, towards fencing and running. Focus. One thing at a time. See, awful attention span. Should things go well on the field trip, I'll be registering for the next season starting in May. I think I'll start practicing my technique for now. I can't wait. Souhaitez-moi la chance! Breathe. Hard.

February 1, 2010


Bonjour! So a few weeks ago, I took a small jaunt to Hawai'i. During the trip, I ended up blogging in a steno book because that's the only notebook I could purchase at the Vancouver International Airport. It was fun! I wrote normally, no steno techniques or special short hand of any kind, just my own ramblings in neat and mildly legible scribbles. Ramblings. That's exactly what they were. I went through the book the other night in order to prepare to tell you the tales of Oahu and paint you a glorious canvas of colours and smells and tastes. Turns out it hardly makes sense. It did at the time. I remember how I felt in the moment of each and every word I scratched down. So I can't really tell you things, purely due to this question: How do you accurately describe a feeling? A scent? All I can say is that on a gloomy looking rainy day at the airport, it was serene to observe my fellow travelers while listening to music that slows my heart rate. It was dream-like. Hibiscus generally smells sweet and some species have no smell at all. The air has truly the most delicious taste. Have you ever tasted air? Not here in Alberta. The only air you can truly taste is mostly in winter when it's crisp and clear and the taste of it is literally the exhaust from the broken muffler of a diesel truck. Not so wonderful. It kills the soul (not to mention sensory receptors), it does nothing to nourish it. Back to Hawaiian air: the smell is so rich you can taste it's sweetness. You drink it in. Feed your soul. Feeling hungry? Land in Maui. Now for photos. I've looked through many of my photos and have come across my fluke shots. Ones that look like a pro shot them with some mega zoom big ass uber expensive camera. Nope. I captured (save for the one of me bum, I think Allison did that) these moments with a dinky FujiFilm from Wal-Mart. A hidden talent unearthed? Mayhaps. Feast your eyes on these, and when you get too full, just unbutton your jeans and.....Breathe.