August 2, 2012

The One You've All Been Waiting For: KING

You probably noticed him in the "Welcome!" photo in the previous post, but here he is for all to see. King is a 4ish year old Bull Mastiff. He was a rescue dog and we took him in when my new brother-in-law realized that consistency is what King needed (brother-in-law lives on an acreage and works unpredictable hours. Kudos to brother-in-law for rescuing him in the first place 2 years ago. Much love new brother, much love). Instead of strangers taking him home, we did. He stays in the family and gets the level of comfort and consistency he needs. The sweetest dog with the biggest smile I've ever seen. We are in the process of training him up a level and so far he is on the Honour Roll. There are some challenges to overcome but we are pushing through and doing very well. Tonight was a special night for King and I: it was our first walk together on our own. We both did stellar, as pack leadette and student. Super proud of Kingers. Anyways, enough chatter.....

Best smile, right? 

I am the only one full of estrogen in this house. I live with 4 boys. 4! Q, Floyd, Arkham, and now, King. I love all my boys to the depths of the universe and back. This is just the beginning to the Eff Animal Kingdom I think, we shall see what the future holds.


Holy Toledo!

My oh my it has been a busy month! Moving, new dog, new niece, party, and relaxing nights with good souls. Finally I have a few moments to show you what's been happening around these parts. First, lets start with a wee tour of our new happy home. We love it, it's just the right size, shape, style, and more than we could've asked for. It's (dare I say) perfect! Look for yourself!

My new fave and super cute summer outfit. It was ultra comfortable,
great choice for hosting a housewarming party.

Ok ok, I know I know, not the greatest selection of photos, but would you believe that these were the best ones? Shocking, isn't it? Well, I swear that once this house has been lived in a bit more and we get so settled that I can start all the projects and whatnot I have in mind, you will then get new (and hopefully better) photos.

We were glad to have so many friends and family come to our housewarming party. I got to make some delicious cupcakes, stuffed cucumbers, and a refreshing corn salsa.

I heart this photo. Welcome!

 We also have a firepit in the yard. It makes delicious smokies and even tastier roasted marshmallows. Mmmm.....
I think it goes without saying that the hot tub is here to stay. We were planning on selling it and building a deck, but after seeing how much fun everyone had with it, we decided to keep it and build the deck around it. Huzzah! Be prepared for polar hot tub parties!

I think I forgot to mention that a gaggle of us good folk went to see this little film on opening night. IT. WAS. EPIC. Can't wait to go see it again.

Pretty sure I have a little crush on Bane.....and Marion Cotilliard. Just sayin.

Stay tuned friends, there's more to come!