December 1, 2013

Christmas Crafts

This year I've decided to do my best to make some gifts and decorations for the holidays rather than buying everything. Although I still have to purchase materials to make these lovely items, it's cheaper in the long run and I'll be able to create more than just one thing. The bonus is that Q is incredibly creative and I have a stockpile of odds and ends that we already had many of the base materials required. Anyways, here's a little sneak peek at one of the crafts:

For all my Instagram friends, this is old news. For those who are not following me on Instagram, here it is! We are hosting a Christmas party this week and to give it a bit more jazz, we are setting up a photo booth (photos to come once complete). I've been gathering props and made these little signs. Tedious (I have to figure out a better way next time), but so worth it. I love them! Especially the fonts. You like the fonts too? Here's where you can find them:

This site is fantastic! An ungodly amount of fonts that are free! FREE! Very easy to download and install, plus they're extra fun for graphic and photo editing projects. The ones I used for this project were "Happy New One" (Nice) and "Christmas on Crack" (Naughty) at 200 and 160 point font size respectively. All I did was print them out, use an artists blade to cut them into stencils, trace onto scrapbook paper, and fill in with a black marker. Simple. But tedious for sure. 

Are you trying your hand at little projects like this? What are you making? Share!

More crafts to share with you in the coming weeks!