December 31, 2011



Christmas Day!

Then it came! Christmas Day! And what a wonderful day it was. We got to see a pretty good handful of family in three stops. First "stop", stockings and gifts at home with Momma, Seestor, Q, and the kitties. Everyone received fun gifts, beautiful gifts, useful gifts, and surprise gifts. Such a nice morning and very glad to be home for Christmas. :)

Second stop, the aunt and uncle's house, the one with the amazing backsplash that I had mentioned before and never got a photo of, well friends, I got one!

Ok so it's not the best photo, but I really like this backsplash.
It's so pretty in person.

Necklace from India. From Me to Seestor. Pretty sweet lighting.
Guess how.....give up? It was the refrigerator!

New dress cape from Momma. How cool?! I got a cape! Thank you!
Christmas outfit! New cardigan from Seestor (Thank you! I love it!) and new
tights from Momma (Super comfy, thank you!). Black Friday boots and Wal-Mart Skirt.

Third stop, Christmas dinner at Q's family's house. It was a delicious meal and a fun evening. Nephew was there. And for the first time, I was referred to as Auntie. That felt so good I nearly cried. I'm an Auntie! Now I have to work on being super cool, or just cool. Nephew said I had goofy glasses and he was very encouraging when we played Super Mario. He said, "You're doing really good" when I really wasn't. He went back to the beginning of the game so I could play with him. He is clearly better at Super Mario on the Wii than I am. I'm good at that game but on Super Nintendo. Old school. 

The English family's tree.

Q chose well. This gift was a huge hit.....with everyone. We all wore it or tried to wear it. 

Mum as Ironman. IronMum. Q was thrilled, this was a moment to behold.

This moment melts my heart. I love you Q.

Cool Uncle Q.

The story of this shot is: Nephew got a pirate ship which Q and I
happily put together for him. Once it was whole, I had to take a test shot with
our new camera. Me future Mum and Dad got Q and I a fancy dancy camera.
Totally unexpected. Thank you!

All in all, a great Christmas, wonderful gifts, warm hugs and good food. Many laughs and smiles, and best of all, I gained on official title: Auntie.

Happy Holidays friends!


Time To Catch Up!

Alrighty, here it is, the big post with the holiday photos to catch up. I have also decided that there won't be a tour of the new place because a) it's been busy and too messy to photograph, and b) I'm a little lazy and I forget about it every now and again. Sooooo.....sorry! But here's some other stuff for you to feast your eyes on:

Seestor's birthday cake: a coconut cheesecake with an oreo cookie crumb and coconut crust. Homemade by yours truly.

It was tasty (thank goodness!).

I decorated various trees this year.

The tree in the House of F (pre-baubled).
Seestor's crazy.

The Bee tree. This is what I imagine an acid trip to be like.

Some casualties along the way (and many afterwards due to curious kitties).

Momma's 2011 ornament.
Q (Jack) and myself (Sally). Our 2011 ornaments.

Seestor's 2011 ornament.

Christmas Eve: A Frost Carnival.

You were given 2 tickets to start with when you arrived. Two tickets and
whatever you thirsted for. In order to eat from the fantastic menu, you had
to play carnival games to win more tickets. I managed to eat half of the menu.
It was the best carnival food I've ever eaten.

One of me BFFs and the host of this fun Christmas party.
I heart you Petros!
Q won some tickets on this one. I won more. Just sayin'.

The largest of the pups in the Carnival house: Jewel. A beautiful and friendly briard.
I fixed her ponytail so she could see the party. Isn't she pretty?!
Q's sweet steal in the tacky gift exchange.

Mine and Q's tree etc.

Next post: Christmas Day!

December 24, 2011

Arkham: The Christmas Kitty

I have this Christmas jacket that Floyd wore for 10 minutes last year. It's too small for him but it's funny when he wears it. This year it was Arkham's turn to wear it. He also wore it for only 10 minutes. I know, I'm a bad pet momma, but it's so funny! And adorable! Look!

Arkham managed to slip out of the jacket without opening it and left a perfect cat shaped jacket on the floor.

"Hey Q! I found your Santa hat!"
"Hehehey! Cool!" (puts hat on instantly and returns to Skyrim).


Because I'm A Pro

I wanted to also share some of my snaps from the ex-tree-vaganza (too much?). Drink it in friends!

My phone camera froze and over-exposed the photo. I think it's nifty.

Funny faces!

This tree was one of the coolest I have ever seen. It's
made entirely out of zip ties! How cool is that?!

Pretty reindeer.
This tree was littered with ribbon. There was so much
ribbon that it looked like there was no actual tree.

Paper bags exploding with ribbon and glittery goodies.