August 28, 2013

A Mother's Blessing

You've met Jenny Babe before. She's wonderful, big smile, big laugh, big heart.

Last month, a lovely lady friend (Vee) and I planned a party for this dear friend of ours. And now that it's getting closer and closer to welcoming a little life to this world, I felt I better finally share with you.

This particular type of party was completely new to me; not just the idea of it but also the message and power behind it. I had never heard of a Mother's Blessing before and it seemed that some of our friends we invited hadn't heard of it either. "'s like a baby shower?" was the most common response to the invitation. Truth be told, it's not. The focus is the mother-to-be, not the baby-to-be-born. It's about the combined support, strength, and encouragement of the woman. So all of us girls got together to show our love for Jenny Babe. Our invitation read:

"A mother's blessing is about empowering the mother to be for her upcoming birth. You are invited to participate in this rite of passage..."

We had a very natural and earthy theme filled with spirituality. So we pulled from my aboriginal heritage and Babe's love of the culture. Dreamcatchers, feathers, flowers, moss, and soothing water set the tone. Calming music certainly put everyone into relaxation mode.

Food is always an important part of hosting a party, big or small, so we went the route of a potluck. Each guest brought one (or five!) favourite dishes. We had such a great variety and so much food left over that everyone took a couple of plates home. I totally stuffed my face!

While we all chowed down, we had a few activities planned. Unfortunately we ran out of time and were unable to do some. Hopefully we will be able to partake in them in the future. The first activity was one where we could all introduce ourselves, how we met Babe, and a little taste of our relationship. Many tears were shed and I couldn't even finish I was sobbing so hard. Such a suck. Everyone raced for tissues when Babe and her Mom shared their special soul link. It was so touching and so meaningful, I love those two gals even more! We incorporated a candle lighting ceremony with the introductions. Each guest lit a candle after they spoke, then they took it home at the end of the party. I hope that everyone will light their candle at home once Babe is in labour as a symbol of our connection and support, even though we aren't with her in that time. We used simple votive candles and wrapped them with blue and red embroidery floss to symbolize the umbilical cord. To top it off, the votives surrounded an earthy and delicious scented candle for Babe to keep. Babe was also treated to a rosewater and petal infused foot bath. Talk about spoiled! :) 

Each guest was asked to bring two beads, one bead was to be placed on a bohemian style necklace that Babe will have with her when until she's in labour so she has a small and portable momento from us girls to remind her that we are still with her and sending her positive energy. The second bead was used for a special little side project which is still a secret to everyone.

We also had a henna artist come to treat everyone. Here's a few of the great designs:

Finally, we had a final project: a bunting flag banner for the little one's room. Different flag shapes were provided in a variety of colours and patterns so each guest could find something that they fancied and would convey their personality. Metallic and colourful pens were available for everyone to share a thought or message for Babe, her man, and their little one. I think it turned out great! So fun and unique, and certainly filled with love and encouragement.

I adore these silver tree place card holders!
Guaranteed I will use these many times at home.

Hopefully you can use some of our party as inspiration for yours! Jenny Babe, I am so thrilled for you and the Mister! You two will be amazing and fun parents. I'm thrilled to meet the little one soon and know that Q and I are here for you three anytime for anything. We love you tons!!

Vee, I had so much fun planning this Blessing with you. You are so thoughtful, kind, and loving, I'm so grateful that you are in my life. I look forward to many years of growth in our friendship and I am also super pumped to plan another party with you for these three kats in the near future.

To our guests that came to the Blessing: thank you so much for your input and energy! I'm so glad you were there and that we each got the opportunity to make new connections and friends, to share stories and advice, strength and many laughs (and tears). We are all so grateful for each of you. For the guests that were unable to attend: Wishing you were with us but don't fret, there will be another party in the near future that I hope you will be able to attend.

I hope you feel inspired!