May 31, 2012

May 27, 2012


As in new and beautiful dinnerware. We have plates and such now! We tossed ours when we moved back from Bridgetown because a couple of kitties had broken a few items and there wasn't any sense bringing old broken stuff back. This was an early and unplanned purchase. And a steal of a deal ($30!). On our way to go to Zellers and then bowling (I'm an embarrassment to bowling, FYI), Jenny Babe's eagle eyes spotted a yard sale. Naturally we stopped to a have a peek. Due to the keen vision of a beautiful lady, Q and I now have something fancy. I'm not sure how old this china is, the gentleman who was holding the yard sale said that these belonged to his mother. I love the cool turquoise colour and the gold flourish. Beautiful!

Everything seems to be in great shape; although most of the sorbet bowls no longer have the gold flourish design and the tea cups and creamer have some wear-and-tear marks and cracks. I like the chips on the plate edges, lots of character.      :)

What kind of dinners did you present to that family, Plates? They all seemed to really enjoy dessert, evidenced by your sorbet bowl companions. I can't wait to clean you up all nice and shiny, give you a nice cupboard to sleep in and call home, and then bring you out to play when everyone comes over for good times and yummy eats. Oh yes, we will have many delicious meals together.

$30 for this whole gorgeous set! Unbelievable!

The sugar bowl, tea cups and saucers are my favourites. Although the coffee pot is pretty stunning......

Sorry for mega back and forth between good and crappy lighting, the most accurate true colour captured is the first photo in this post. Meh, I'll get good, one day.....

Oh my gosh, totally broke the 5 or less photo rule. Curses! Oh well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Well the next gigantor and megasaurus posts will be: wedding and new house. Promise.


May 25, 2012

A Magical Walk, Then Toast and Jam

Well friends, we're back from two weeks of holidays for our wedding. It was glorious. The best day in history (obviously). Once we receive our pro photos of our wedding, I'll do a massive wedding post here for your reading and visual pleasure. So for now I will share what our evening was like a few days ago. We went for a nice walk by the river before meeting up with some rad people for drinks and toast (I was the only one who had toast. In a pub. That's how I roll). It was a beautiful evening: warm and rainy with the perfect degree of cloud cover for snapping some shots of our fair surroundings. So in keeping up with my 5 photos or less.....

This is so neat!

We saved many a worm from UV peril.

May 11, 2012

As Promised.....

Here's a little teaser from our "engagement" photos that we did on Sunday.

Like what you see? You do!? Great! Check out our talented friend's two blogs, which are conveniently located to your right on the blogroll ---> Jaison & Jason Everitt.

Thanks a bunch Jason! We had such a fun time! 


May 4, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

I know I have neglected to post anything for a while, it's due to being super busy with wedding related events and activities. Last weekend was the shower which was a total blast! I had so much fun and it meant so much to me that so many ladies showed up for some delicious food and drinks, quirky games and a peek into my life as child via embarrassing photos. It was also super sweet that Q decided to stay for the whole party. Plus he got to see all the wonderful gifts we received. Thank you so much to everyone who came out! And a massive thank you to Mother and family for putting the pretty and wonderful soiree together. I loved it!

The weekend before that was stag weekend. Q partied with his boys and I partied with the ladies. And what a blast we had then too. Filled with a delicious brunch, guns, dinner, drinks, and dancing. Another massive thank you to my bridesmaids for making me feel beautiful and special that day. Seestor, Mrs. Babe, and all the gals, thank you!

We certainly have photos and I would like to share them. I will once we have a few moments to go through them as they are all on Seestor's camera. She bought herself a fancy dancy new camera and it's wonderful that she now has the tool to further her talent.

This weekend Q and I are going to get some engagement photos done. I hope to have them prior to the wedding (which is in one week!) so I can share a nice photo of us, not one where I'm making a ridiculous face.

OH! A piece of good news for you: Q and I are now homeowners! Huzzah! It was very quick and rather unexpected. We were just looking to see what was out there so that we could begin saving for a house in the next few years. Boy oh boy has that been accelerated! We move in July! This July! WOW! What a whirlwind month added to this whirlwind year. It's definitely good to be us right now.

I just want to say this to you readers: I'm so glad that you're here, to listen (aka read) me babble on and on. I started this blog a while ago with no plan for it (as most bloggers do) and it's been a good way for me to get thoughts and ideas out of my head. I like to make notes and lists, however paper goes missing sometimes, so this is great. Thank you so much for stopping by every now and again, means a lot.   :)

This is my gorgeous Momma on her wedding day.
And that's her cute as hell first born, moi.

One week friends!!

More to come after that, soooo much more!